Scotty's Radio control helicopters


Here are some pictures of my Radio control Helicopters both past and present. immediately below is my JR Vigor, and further down are some pictures of my friend and I Flying a TT Raptor.


The Vigor is one hell of a machine, it is powered by an O.S. 91sx which makes it very fast and powerful, the rate of climb is huge compared to the 30 sized Raptor. I have 2 canopies for it, the standard one which I painted Blue and yellow, and a red glass/carbon one.


Downloadable mpeg of my Vigor.
(Right click and "Save Target As...")



This is my Vigor with the standard plastic canopy
painted by me.


This is my Vigor with the Glass/carbon canopy




























Vigor 001sm_th.jpg



Vigor 002sm_th.jpg





Vigor 004sm_th.jpg



Vigor 005sm_th.jpg




Vigor 006sm_th.jpg


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Airwolf05anim.gifRaptor01.gif Airwolf04anim.gif



Here are some pictures of our Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 V2 that my friend Mike and I bought. we got it at the beginning of May 2003 and taught our selves to fly it. At first it was very tricky, but with excellent setup advice from the Raptor technique website it really was a lot less painful than it could have been. So far we have only had one very minor crash with a total repair bill of 63 pence. Mike now owns the Raptor and I have a JR Vigor. We try to get together as often as work will allow to fly them both at our local field.

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This is Mike making one of the first flights, initially we could only hover about 3-4 inches of the ground!







After about 3 days and 5 or 6 tanks of fuel we were able to do this!



This is me flying it, we've managed to find a small clearing in a wood that allows us to fly in almost any weather, its really helped to have consistent practice.





Mike managed to fly in our big recreational field one evening when the wind died down, I managed to get this quite spectacular shot













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