Scotty's Ferrari Pics

Here are some pictures from a recent visit I had in April 2005 to Maranello, the home of Ferrari. I only had my small pocket camera with me because it was an opportunistic visit when I found myself with a 'day off' downroute in Milan. The weather was excellent and I saw sveral F430's including a spider, a 612, and a 360CS on test runs. The highlight had to be watching and hearing the F2005 pounding the track all day (I was there on the Friday of the Bahrain G.P. weekend). They would typically do a run of 5 or so laps before returning to the pits for 15mins and then hit the track again for another 5 laps, this went on all day, Fantastic! I visited the Galleria Ferrari, which is truly Awesome, I've never been to a motor museum before that doesn't have ropes or barriers around such expensive displays, you can really look into all the nooks and crannies as well as take unimpared photo's, it's just a shame that half of it was closed for refurbishment, still, it gives me a good excuse to go back at some point, which I really want to do.

Maranello 002s_th.jpg

Maranello 003s_th.jpg

Maranello 004s_th.jpg

Maranello 007s_th.jpg

Maranello 008s_th.jpg

Maranello 011s_th.jpg

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Maranello 014s_th.jpg

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Maranello 031s_th.jpg

Modena 010s_th.jpg

Maranello 032s_th.jpg

Maranello 033s_th.jpg

Maranello 034s_th.jpg

Maranello 035s_th.jpg

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Maranello 048s_th.jpg

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Maranello 029s_th.jpg

Modena 013s_th.jpg

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